House Inventory App Minimalist Counting Items

Become a Minimalist while counting your items - Home Inventory Counting App

How many things do I own? This counting and inventory web App tells you! And not only that. For each object, you can also enter useful additional information such as storage location, date of purchase, manufacturer and value (e.g. for the sum insured). You can also add or take a picture of an object. Assign tags for marking and grouping your stuff (e.g. "for sale" or "uncertain"). Useful additional functions such as search function, export and much more make this home inventory app your best choice for counting your items and becoming a serious minimalist. Whether you are looking for a mobile home inventory app or a solid counting solution for your becoming minimalist attitude, the Minimalist Home Inventory and Counting Web App is for you. The only comparable App is Home Inventory for EUR 24.- from App Store/ Google Play. [foogallery id="9910"]

Minimalism Home Inventory and Counting App - Functions:

  • With your personal login you always have access to your things, only visible for you
  • Create your own rooms/categories and mark them as completed
  • Intelligent search function helps you to quickly add items (Um suggests Umbrella for example)
  • For each object you can enter: quantity, information, value, image and tags
  • Easy editing of your alphabetically sorted objects
  • On the HOME screen you will see the total of the items collected and the total value of your belongings
  • You can also see the total of items within a category/room
  • Access to your objects also via the image or tag overview
  • Export your list and open it in Excel for further processing
  • Set up the Minimalism Home Inventory and Counting App individually (turn off unwanted functions)

Minimalism Home Inventory and Counting App - Advantages:

  • Supports your minimalism decluttering journey
  • Know how many things you own per category/room
  • Sharpens your relationship to each object as you deal with each one of them
  • In case of a fire, you are prepared (having your whole inventory and its value stored in the cloud)
  • Find things in your house using the search function
  • Having total control over your stuff
  • Access over web browser or your smartphone