In four simple steps to your new quality of life: Declutter Service, Professional Organizer, Keep in order training, Minimalism Coaching

Decluttering - Organizing - Simplify - become Minimalist

Living clutter free in a minimalism environment is finally possible with my simple four step process. Minimalism will enhance your productivity, your health and you have never to declutter again. supports you in house or through online and virtual declutter coaching for more time, living clutter free, more freedom.
"The Swiss answer to Marie Kondo."

Become minimalist and get your Simplify Online Coaching:

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In Home Decluttering & Organizing

Decluttering your home and life with Certified Professional Organizer & Minimalism Coach Selim Tolga. At home or at work.

Declutter, organize your office

Office organisation for a more productive and efficient work with a focus on the essentials.

Public Speaking Minimalism

Are you looking for an exciting presentation, lecture, or course on topics such as minimalism, tidying up, declutter your office?

Virtual Decluttering & Organizing

Online coaching to declutter your life the minimalism way. Always connected and guided.
Group Coaching

Minimalism Group Coaching

Six months of virtual group coaching with weekly live calls for dramatic results.
Minimalism Coach

Become a Certified Minimalism Declutter Coach

Six months of virtual training to become a Certified Minimalism Declutter Coach.
Minimalism, become minimalist, decluttering, downsizing, simplifying: How to live the minimalism life style with only the things you really need and love. Coaching & consulting by bestselling author, Selim Tolga.

Why book an online declutter coaching?

  • When you want to live finally clutter free forever.
  • Get rid of compulsive hoarding habbits.
  • Get a professional declutter & minimalism coaching, support, tipps and tricks.
  • Online help thru Skype and Team-viewer and shared to-do list.
  • Declutter one last time with a Certified Professinoal Organizer & Minimalism Coach
  • How to turn your surrounding into a well-being place.
  • Learn the minimalism lifestyle from scratch.
  • Be more productive, achieve more, have more time and money on becoming minimalist.