Minimalism – Minimalist – Simplify
In four simple steps to your new quality of life: Declutter Service, Professional Organizer, Keep in order training, Minimalism Coaching

Coaching: Decluttering - Simplify - become Minimalist

Living clutter free in a minimalism environment is finally possible with our simple four step process. Minimalism will enhance your productivity, your health and you have never to declutter again. supports you in person or through online coaching to more freedom.

In four simple steps to your new quality of life:

"The Swiss answer to Marie Kondo."

Minimalism Minimalist Declutter Simplify

Declutter Service

Professional declutter service, your first step towards your new lifestyle minimalism. We find what you love. Learn more...

Minimalism Minimalist Declutter Simplify

Professional Organizer

After decluttering the professional organizer helps you to maximize space and increase its functionality. Learn more...

Minimalism Minimalist Declutter Simplify

Keep in order training

Learn how to keep your new order with the right system and to never declutter again. Learn more...

Minimalism Minimalist Declutter Simplify

Minimalism Coaching

After decluttering you are ready to implement the minimalism lifestyle. Start to be completely free. Learn more...

Minimalism Minimalist Declutter Simplify: How to live the minimalism life style with only the things you really need and love. Learn more...

Why book a coaching?

  • When you want to live finally clutter free forever.
  • Get rid of compulsive hoarding habbits.
  • Get a professional coaching, support, tipps and tricks.
  • Online help thru Skype and Team-viewer
  • Declutter one last time.
  • How to turn your surrounding into a well-being place.
  • Learn the minimalism lifestyle from scratch.
  • Be more productive, achieve more, have more time and money on becoming minimalist.
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