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Virtual Decluttering & Organizing


Virtual decluttering and organizing is my online coaching solution. If you want to get a permanent solution for your clutter issue, live however far away from me or have only a little budget available, my online declutter coaching is the perfect fit for you. My online declutter and organizing coaching is a highly effective, partnership-based method. Together we define your goals and I support you as a Certified Professional Organizer & Minimalism Coach in the implementation via Skype, Email, phone and a shared To-Do list where we are always connected during our collaboration. My unique blend of coaching (partnership) and consulting will make you clutter free forever.

Support in focusing on the future instead of focusing on old experiences or reasons for the current dissatisfaction.
I trust in your potential and respect your abilities and possible results.
We find out what it's really about in coaching. What the ideal order looks like for you. In consulting, we then approach our goal step by step.
Implementation of changes in very personal steps that lead to fundamental changes in attitude, behavior and habit.

What is Coaching?

What is Consulting?

Virtual Decluttering & Organizing

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We resolve questions like: How does a clutterfree life look for me? What has stopped me so far from taking action? The goal of my virtual decluttering and organizing is to guide and support you in your downsizing and simplifying journey. As a Professional Certified Organizer & Coach I am your personal virtual partner with the most important questions and tips and tricks. Lets get started!

  • Virtual declutter coaching & organizing
  • Work in your own speed
  • Discover and develop your full potential
  • Perfect in addition to in house decluttering
  • Shared To-Do List, always connected

Professional Certified Organizer & Coach


As an Erickson Certified Professional Coach which is an international certified training program of the world's largest association ICF , ISO-certified CTAS and Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®, NAPO) I support with the latest coaching techniques to make it easier for you, to let go. If we realize, that you collected a lot of mental clutter, we can do a systemic coaching, which involves also your past.

  • Solution-focused declutter coaching
  • Systemic coaching for mental uncluttering
  • Certified Professional Organizer
  • Bestselling author, Youtube artist
  • Unique blend of coaching and consulting

Virtual decluttering coaching rates

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You can benefit from a volume discount depending on the number of coaching sessions we agree. An online decluttering coaching session usually lasts one hour and is devided in a coaching and a consulting part. The complete coaching collaboration with checklists, tasks etc. is always available in one shared To-Do list. Request your online declutter coaching package today.

  • Low package prices
  • Single sessions usually between 90-120$
  • Coaching sessions usually 60 minutes
  • Shared To-Do list to stay connected
  • Support after the session included

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A virtual online decluttering, organizing, coaching & consulting is a one-time investment in a more fulfilled, tidy and organized life:


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