As a Certified Professional Organizer & Minimalism Coach I help you to deal with the reasons and symptoms of your clutter, so that you can find a permanent solution and live clutter free in the future. I actively help you decluttering, show you order systems tailored to your needs and coach you how you can enjoy a better life quality with more focus on whats important. With the right system, you too will finally leave the clutter behind you. Declutter coaching at your home, your office or wherever your clutter problem is with the help of my proven 4-step decluttering system. It becomes clear what is for give away, what to sell, what to donate etc. I actively help you, give advice, inputs and recommendations, but will never force you to do anything. But with the right questions, I will make it easier for you to let go. After decluttering, we will find your personal organizing style and create your new place with the things that you really need and enjoy. We will find the perfect clutter free zone in which you can feel comfortably relaxed. Clutter free forever!

Living clutter free is possible

Many people are looking for declutter and organizing tips to live finally clutter free. It has been proven, that living clutter free has a positive effect on people. You just feel lighter when you only own the things you really love and need. After decluttering with me in person you can finally have a life with more focus on whats important and more joy with your belongings. As a certified organizer & coach, simplify & minimalism expert, author I would be happy to help you with:

Decluttering & Organizing with me

We work together in small steps – you will never be overwhelmed. We go step by step and enjoy small successes and recognize how we have achieved it. The decluttering and organizing process includes my active support in creating a clutterfree home or office. The whole declutter process is completely tailored to your needs, wishes and possibilities. It’s just more fun to declutter together once and for all than trying it hopelessly alone over and over again.

Decluttering & Organizing rates

An investment in decluttering and organizing quickly pays off. I offer you a discret and free visit in Switzerland, Zurich area where we discuss the overall situation. I will then prepare a free cost estimate for you on the basis of usual service provider conditions. Depending on the situation or your location, the first call can also be made via Skype or on the phone. Since each home or business is very individual and the effort very different, there is no package price at this moment.

Decluttering & organizing help - Contact me now for a quote

A declutter and organizing coaching is a one-time investment for a clutter free life with less distraction and more joy. As a Certified Professional Organizer & Coach I will partner with you so you can soon reach your personal feel good home or office.