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papierloses-büro-effizienter-arbeiten-lhSelim not only helped me to organize my apartment so that I need much less time to do the housework but also to get my to-do’s better under control. The visible result (tidy and structured apartment) is only a part of what you get by working with Selim. At least as important for me was that I learned a new way of thinking and approaching things. Selim has a lot of patience for the seemingly banal but important things that make the big difference. Unlike a counsellor who explains principles that have long been known and cannot be applied, Selim accompanies you in “doing”. He takes the time to join the sometimes confused trains of thought and to find new ways without proposing a ready-made solution, which might not fit at all. 1000 Thanks!

papierloses-büro-effizienter-arbeiten-lhSelim is simply world-class: The problem know many with too much administration. And if one is an entrepreneur of two companies that level of complexity increases exponentially equal. Selim has managed to minimize the effort and only left me keep what I really need. So my whole office is fun and productive again. Thanks Selim!

papierloses-büro-effizienter-arbeiten-lhThis was such a great experience! Selim is fantastic at what he does. I thought it would be very heavy work cleaning up my computer and emails but he somehow managed to make the whole experience fun, light and easy! It’s such a good feeling to declutter your computer! I can only highly recommend it. He give practical direction to keep it clean afterwards too.

papierloses-büro-effizienter-arbeiten-lhI asked Selim for help, when I started a new job as a marketing manager at NGO. He helped me to declutter my office, get structure and how to prioritize in my work, projects and personal life. He is definitely an expert in his field and as a person an excellent coach. I would and will like to work again with him in the future and would recommend him from the heart. Thank Selim!

minimalismus-aufräumhilfe-padDear Selim, finally I have through your online Skype coaching an empty email box & desktop and a very structured folder system, that help me to be able to keep my new order easily. All my digital and paper clutter is gone – everything is now very structured and I became much more efficient and productive with the new system. I can make now my decisions faster and differentiate between important and urgent. I will recommend you in any case. Thank you very much!

Dear Selim, I am looking forward to work in my new decluttered and organized studio, I feel so relieved! And now the whole family is infected with the Selim virus categorization:-) Thanks again and all the best!

- Heidi Freivogel Privathaushalt, Familie

papierloses-büro-effizienter-arbeiten-lhI was aware that my untidiness costs me time, efficiency and money. That’s why I booked Selim Tolga. Luckily! The difference is huge. Now it is a joy to come to my great decluttered, organized minimalist office. I am now well organized and find in seconds what I want. The investment has paid off in brief

aufräumhilfe-ordnungsservice-aufräumservice-mwDecluttered and organized my home office in a single day with no involvement from me. Fantastic!! I am looking forward to go the next step in creating a minimalist office, THANK YOU!