You finally want to clean up your office? Are you currently working in chaos? You could work twice as effectively if you organized your workflow. Most people today spend almost half their time searching. A study of fourteen companies from seven different industries has shown that the number of people who do this is twice as high as it is today: Managers spend 46% of their working time on useless paperwork, employees in leading positions spend 45% of their working time on it and office staff even 51%. What a waste of time! It is high time to leave the chaos behind and organise everyday office life – together with the order professional, for permanent order. Office organization is a cornerstone for success! After tidying up (digitally and physically), new habits are established and work processes are optimised so that you can work more efficiently, keep the new order and end the day more satisfied.

Office Organisation - Pays off Quickly

Many people are looking for tips and solutions on how to clean up their desks and offices sustainably. The choice of organisational means at the workplace must be well thought out in order to avoid stacks of paper on desks and to enable tasks to be carried out quickly and concentratedly. Book now a professional coaching with the order professional for quick results. Why?

Office Organization

An investment that quickly pays for itself. The more you invest in an office organisation coaching, the more time you have for more interesting projects. The average office worker is about forty minutes behind at work and spends about twenty minutes every day looking through all the overdue documents. So if you organise your coaching workflow, you gain about ten full working days a year. A collaboration can include the following points:

Prices for Office

I offer a discreet and free visit in the Zurich area (other KM expenses), discuss the overall situation with you and draw up a cost estimate for you free of charge on the basis of the usual service provider conditions. Depending on the situation, the initial conversation can also take place via Skype or telephone. Since each office is very individual and the effort is very different, there is no package offer.

Office Organization Coaching - Inform Yourself Now Without Obligation

An office organization coaching is a one-time investment in a more productive and efficient office that is fun. I will accompany you as Professional Organizer and Coach to your dream office. Inform now without obligation: