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Minimalist Coach Selim Tolga

Minimalist Coach & professional organizer Selim Tolga, yes, thats me. I loved already as a child to organize toys and declutter them almost rather than to play with them. One day I started to help friends organizing and decluttering their lives until I founded my professional organizing and declutter business in 2010 (Minimalismus.ch). Since then I helped hundreds of individuals and companies as a minimalist coach to get organized and decluttered the minimalism way. In 2020 I founded Minimalism.education to reach also an international audience and to help individuals all over the glob with an entirely virtual minimalism coaching and education program. I lived the minimalism lifestyle even before it became famous. It is my natural way of living. I am originally a graduated graphic designer and holding a bachelor in hotel and restaurant management. In the field of coaching and decluttering, I am or have the following:

Online Minimalist Coaching to achieve fast results

Step by step online coaching  to decluttering your life, becoming organized and living clutter until you reach the minimalist lifestyle to feel free and live a happy life with more time and freedom. In the minimalist coaching we reflect your buying habits, optimize your daily management. We declutter not only your belongings but also your life. As your coach, I will walk you through an assessment of where you are now.  I will help you clarify what your goals are for your future.  I will help you plan your path to the future that you want.  I will support you in reaching your goal becoming minimalist. Or do you want to become a Certified Professional Organizer yourself?

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