September 21, 2022 in Become a Certified Organizer Minimalism Coach

Become a Certified Organizer

become a certified organizer minimalism coach

Become a Certified Organizer

Become a Certified Organizer Minimalism Coach in three months fully online, is it possible? Yes, it is! In this virtual training program you will receive a certificate as a Certified Minimalist Declutter Coach (CMDC). The only two options with international recognition in the organizing industry are: KonMari Consultant from Marie Kondo or Certified Professional Organizer from Napo.

100% online education program

This virtual become a Certified Organizer Minimalism Coach is based on classic declutter and organizing techniques (according to Napo) and proven minimalism and simplify techniques that you can only learn here in this program. If you don't want to invest at least two years and a lot of money (which you have to do for the Napo or KonMari training), but need practical knowledge and step-by-step instructions on how to  work soon as a Certified Organizer Minimalism Coach, you won't find anything better than this program.

Become professional Organizer

You like decluttering, tidying up and organizing? Wonderful. Now it is time to put your passion into a profession. Just having a passion for decluttering and organizing is not enough to successfully support others. In this online training course you will learn all the necessary tools, tips and tricks to rock as a organizer coach, specialized in minimalism and simplify. Virtual (100% online) course to become a Certified Declutter Minimalist Coach (CDMC) with everything you need to know to help others declutter their lives the minimalist and simplify way. Learn from home or wherever you are and make your degree. With lots of useful documents, checklists and tips and tricks for your daily business.

Ready to become the next Certified Organizer Coach? Contact me now:

Tell me a few words about yourself and what is you motivation for the certificate. If you are suitable you will receive the full information on how to enroll.

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