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Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer and ICF PCC online Coaching for an organized life

Professional Organizer and minimalism coach needed? In person or online coaching? Look no further. Do you need help to get your live, home or businesses organized? I help people online to live personal and professional lives full of peace, beauty, and most importantly, organization! I apply my advanced understanding of organizational systems and processes to other people’s chaotic situations, and help them develop solutions that work in their lives. So essentially, I am a professional troubleshooter and problem-solver. But I am also a:
  • Consultant
  • Counselor
  • Information systems expert
  • Home economist
  • Teacher
  • Time management coach
  • Space designer
  • Speaker
A professional organizer is expected to provide CONSULTING services to their clients. As a consultant you will need to be able to: (Determine needs through interviewing and factfinding sessions/ diagnose the problem areas or concerns/ decide how my skills can solve that problem/ formulate a plan or program to assist client/ implement) COUNSELOR have access to the most personal elements of their clients’ lives and histories. Professional organizers often become a trusted advisor to clients, in much the same way people trust their doctors or clergy members with con dential information. This unique position requires a level of personal accountability. As a professional organizer, you must determine your own code of ethics and stick to it in order to ensure that clients can feel comfortable not only le ing you into their homes and o ces, but also o en deeply into their lives There are many characteristics and a itudes that organized people share. For example, you might:
  • Enjoy order
  • Feel serene in uncomplicated surroundings
  • Consider yourself calm
  • Be self-motivated and disciplined
  • Always be thinking of a be er way to do something
  • Have a neat, organized and orderly home with only the stuff you love
  • Like to be in control
  • Be trustworthy and serious about keeping your commitments
  • Keep a personal schedule of activities
  • Invent things and nd solutions easily
  • Enjoy structure, including rules, systems, and procedures
  • Make deliberate choices
“[Organizing is] not a ‘one-size ts all’ solution. The important thing is that the system works for the client, that a client likes the system, and is able to maintain it. You have to take into account the way... each individual

Ready to take action? Contact me now:

All my coaching services are purely online. Get coached wherever you are and reach your full potential as an organized person. Contact me here, you can expect a reply within 24 hours (MO-FR) and I’d love to hear from you!

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