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Paperless Office become paperless

Paperless Office become paperless

Paperless Office become paperless

Ready for a minimalist office? becoming paperless is easy

Paperless Office become paperfree: You wish to get rid of your paper and obtain the following: labor savings, increase efficiency and environmental protection? You need an efficient scanner to digitize your documents in seconds? Which also applies to documents, postcards etc. With the right tools, you can do all this very efficiently and get your paperless office with ease. Most mobile scanner Apps can do at least:
  • scans everything from small papers to A4 documents in seconds
  • cuts your scans automatically
  • turns your scans automatically
  • saves in JPEG, PDF in one click
  • 5 pixel high resolution

Becoming paperless step by step

Get your efficient folder structure

In addition to the scanner, you also need the proper folder structure on your computer so everything is always at your fingertips. A clutter free desktop will be the result and a much more efficient workflow. With my online coaching, I help you to setup your paperless office and folder structure, tailored to your needs. Via remote maintenance, see under my digital packages, I will log onto your computer and do the decluttering and folder structuring for you.
  • clutter free computer
  • deinstall all unwanted and unneeded
  • efficient folder structure
  • having only the files you really need
  • learn how to find everything electronical

Office with no paper

When you regularly work on the computer and having a paperfree office, please make sure you invest in a good backup system. There are external hard drives or Cloud Systems. The big disadvantage of external devices? They are devices - they can break. What if you pour your fresh coffee cup over the top? Invest instead into a cloud solution where your data is stored online and in the background constantly and having it available to you at any time and from any computer. And do not forget do also declutter your office before you become paperless. Here I have collected the best declutter organize tipps to get you started.

Become paperless become

Let me help you to start with your paperless office

As a minimalist and declutter coach I help you to become paperless. I will install your paperless office either in person or via Skype and Teamviewer.

Need some help becoming paperless?

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