Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Online Coaching means that the coaching takes place via the Internet. You sit comfortably in front of your computer and be connected to your coach via audio, chat and sometimes also video. So in online coaching you communicate with the coach exclusively on the Internet, via text messages or video chat. Get instant and personal assistance for your topic. Convenient from home or from any location. Without long waits for a coaching appointment and without arrival time.

Difference to Coaching in Person

The effect of online coaching, has been investigated in several studies. It can have the same impact as the coaching in person.

Advantages Online Coaching:

  • You get a professional coaching while you are sitting at home
  • No charging for traveling therefore cheap pricing for online help
  • Best solution for quick coaching sessions over a longer period

What you need, Coaching Hardware

You need (besides a computer), a computer microphone and speakers. The latter is already built into most modern computers and laptops. If you already have Skype (free) use, you are equipped for it. The microphone you get otherwise low with home delivery here:  

Coaching Software

No need to buy software and install anything on your computer. Instead, follow these simple steps:
  1. Click this button, if you are a MAC/ OS user: online-coaching-online-help
  2. OR if you are a Windows user, click this button:
  3. A file will be downloaded, go to your download folder
  4. Double click to the file you just downloaded (nothing will be installed on your computer!)
  5. You will see now the blue Teamviewer-Logo, double click on it: online-coaching-zuerich
  6. One last window is opening, where you see you ID and password: online-hilfeGive me both via email and wait a few minutes, the online coaching will start automatically after I am connected to your computer.

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