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As a graduated Master in Coach (CAS/ECA), professional organizer, declutter and minimalism expert I help you to live clutter free, be better organized and living the minimalism lifestyle. As a coach I help you to find the reasons and symptoms from your clutter and unorganized life and together we work out a permanent solution until you become clutter free and organized. I help you active to declutter your surroundings, show you how to be better organized and how you can enjoy life more with the minimalism lifestyle. Either at your place or thru online Skype and Team-viewer Coaching, check Packages.

A declutter and minimalist coaching with is:

Declutter and minimalist coaching is simple: I help you until you feel free.
We enjoy little progress and success and discuss how we achieved it.
Everything from decluttering, how to organize tipps, living the minimalism lifestyle.
The coaching is adapted to your needs and wishes.
We access the minimalist lifestyle slowly in four logical steps. Decluttering, how to live clutter free with the right system, how to live the minimalist lifestyle.
Check my very affordable packages and online offers
We move step by step, everything will make sense to you - learning by doing.
Not only will you get a coaching but also lots of practical tipps and tricks you can adapt immediately.
The coaching with is a deep external intervention with a long lasting positive effect.
Together it's more fun. I will motivate and help you until you feel free. Laughter is allowed, as decluttering is fun when you do it right.
If we meet in person I keep everything very discreet and arrive in a neutral car.

Professional declutter service

Clutter can be overwhelming. I gently guide you through the decision-making process so that you only keep what you love, use and need. Decluttering is the very first step towards your new minimalist lifestyle. Together we create a master plan where we define your final goals and wishes. I will give you simple tasks you can do on your own in order to prepare for the second step, how to organize.
  • downsizing, living only with what you need and love
  • personalised declutter coaching
  • support and help on selling things
  • declutter one last time but right
  • in preparation for the following organizing step

Professional organizer service

After decluttering we have made a very important first step. We know what to keep, what to throw, what to sell and so on. During all these steps I help and support you with an active coaching. What is left after decluttering are the things you need and love. Now it's time to give them a nice place. With the professional organizer service we find the best possible order for all your things. We customize a well-being place which is practical and built up in such a way you can stay easily clutter free.
  • your new surrounding perfectly organized
  • living in a well-being place
  • customized order to your needs
  • getting help in selling things
  • getting prepared for the forever clutter free system

Live clutter free forever

In order to stay clutter free you need the right system. In the declutter coaching (step one) we found out what you really love and what to keep. Now we focus more on the reasons for your clutter abd we work this out so you can keep your new clutter free surrounding. I show your tools and ways to stay clutter free. We adapt and modify your surrounding until you feel totally comfortable and it became easy to maintain your new order.
  • stay clutter free forever
  • get to know the best organization tipps and tricks
  • online coaching and support
  • how to use a system to stay clutter free
  • preparing you for the minimalist lifestyle

Minimalist lifestyle coaching

After decluttering your life, becoming organized and living clutter free it's time to move on, it's time to live the minimalist lifestyle to feel free and live a happier life. In the minimalist coaching we reflect your buying habits, optimize your daily management and take the declutter step to his highest level. We declutter not only your belongings but also your life. As your coach, I will walk you through an assessment of where you are now.  I will help you clarify what your goals are for your future.  I will help you plan your path to the future that you want.  I will support you in reaching your goal.
  • implementing the minimalist lifestyle in your daily routine
  • improve paper- task and time management
  • improve work - project and contact management
  • live only with very less things, the things you absolutely need and love
  • achieve more in life, have more time and money


Selim Tolga
Bruggaecherstrasse 10
8617 Moenchaltorf
Tel.: +41 79 735 60 65


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