Minimalist Living how to start

Minimalist Living - How to start

Minimalist living means that you start to remove the unnecessary, to make room for what gives you joy. It’s a removal of clutter in all its forms (not only physical stuff), leaving you with peace and freedom and lightness. As a minimalist you are against of requiring always more, consuming and shopping for the bigger and better. In minimalist living you embrace the beauty of less, the aesthetic of spareness. A minimalist life means that you keep and let in what you truly need and makes you happy. 

A minimalist realizes that acquiring stuff doesn’t make us happy. That earning more and having more are meaningless. That filling your life with busy-ness and freneticism isn’t desirable, but something to be avoided. A minimalist values quality, not quantity, in all forms.

I’m a minimalist, and it’s something that’s deeply satisfying. I wake in the morning in a room that lacks clutter, in the quiet of the early morning, have coffee and relax, go out for a walk, and then work. I do what I love so it does not feel like work. I possess currently around 600 things, counted with the Minimalist Counter App for IOS (Android Version click here) These are the things that make me happy. Not buying a lot of things. Not traveling all the time, nor going to parties or spending money on expensive entertainment. Not watching a lot of television and being bombarded with ads. Others might find joy in these things, and I’m not criticizing them. I’m just stating what makes me happy. And that’s the key. Figure out what makes you happy. Get rid of the rest, so you have room for those important things. It’s not a life of nothing, of boringness. It’s a life of richness, in less. Your minimalist life will be different than mine. You’ll need to figure out what makes you happiest. Plan your ideal day. Then strip your life of the non-essentials, to make room for this ideal day, for the things and people you love.

Online Minimalist Living how to start Coaching to achieve fast results

Step by step online coaching  to decluttering your life, becoming organized and living clutter until you reach the minimalist lifestyle to feel free and live a happy life with more time and freedom. In the minimalist coaching we reflect your buying habits, optimize your daily management. We declutter not only your belongings but also your life. As your coach, I will walk you through an assessment of where you are now.  I will help you clarify what your goals are for your future.  I will help you plan your path to the future that you want.  I will support you in reaching your goal becoming minimalist.

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