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Minimalism living with less

Minimalism live with less
Minimalism live with less

Minimalism live with less - living with 224 things

Minimalism live with less: I live currently with 224 things in a 4-room apartment. Of course, a big family with children will have more things, but also there a minimalism lifestyle can be implemented. How many things do you have? Do the test for more clarity, and a first step in the direction of living minimalist. Use the easy Become Minimalist Home Inventory App.

The following rules apply while counting your belongings:

  • Objects which make only sense in combination are considered as 1 object (a computer with mouse, keyboard, etc)
  • Exchange of objects (of the same type) are considered as 1 object (10 Pair of socks, etc)
  • Objects of the same category are counted individually (3 different images, etc)
  • What is a mandatory (?) need to live, will not be counted (bed, toothbrush, etc)
  • Objects which can be used only a single time are not counted (food, cleaning stuff)

An average household has 10000 things, 500 of them are in daily use, = 5% rule

This 5% rule can be applied in a minimalism lifestyle to almost everything. From the daily flood of information (newspaper, TV, advertising, Social Media, etc.) only 5% is relevant. Only 5% of the Emails require a real answer, only 5% of the thousands of facebook friends are really friends, etc. Dont get confused with numbers. Numbers are not that important. Living minimalist means, you keep only what you really need AND love. Its a simple rule.

Minimalism live with less - reduction of goods first, later on things & humans

For minimalism newcomers the easiest way to get started is the reduction of personal items (goods), the things you really need. Later you can continue to reduce your projects, your goals, your friends and so on - but start with your belongings in your surrounding. Check my 193 things I own below.

Here is my actual list owning 226 things, counted with the Become Minimalist Home Inventory App:

My 226 Things - counted with the Become Minimalist Counter App

Minimalismus - the comet rule

The comet rule denotes the number of objects you would pack if you had only 30 minutes to do so. So the essential things that you love, need and could not be rapidly replaced with money.

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