Magician Coach

Magician Coach

Magician Coach Selim Tolga is coaching magicians

Magician Coach Selim Tolga is helping you to put your magic to the next level and unleash your full magical potential. When you feel that you are stuck in your magic career or looking for ways to develop your magic career further, you came to the right place. As a professional organizer Selim Tolga is helping you to also get your magic decluttered, organized and structured so you can be a more efficient and successful magician.

Selim Tolga’s customized coaching and consulting programs designed for magicians

As your coach I am creating a non-judgmental space and helping you to get clear on your values, blind spots, and discover what’s truly important to you. Most magicians don’t believe they are capable of reaching their dreams. I am helping you to change that mindset! As your magician coach I aid you to unstick your mind and break through your self-imposed limits. Contact Selim Tolga to celebrate your past accomplishments, and develop a vision for a wildly successful future in your magic business. magician coach coaching for magicians

Selim Tolga works with magicians who:

  • Are unsure what their next step is
  • Want more from their daily lives
  • Looking to improve their magic career
  • Want to be more productive and efficient
  • Find their vision and purpose as a magician
  • Are ready to unstick their minds and break away from their own limits
  • Are looking for ways to better organize their magic
  • Want to get rid of everything that doesn’t matter (including magic tricks)

Unique blend between coaching and consulting

Whatever your needs, wishes and problems are, I will either wear a coaching or a consulting hat or a mixture of both. If for example you need advice on how to organize your magic, get rid of unwanted magic tricks, I will be consulting you. If you are looking for ways to improve your magic, enhance your full potential I will be coaching you. magician coach

Who is Selim Tolga, your Magician Coach?

I am a certified coach, professional organizer and magician. I know what the concerns of magicians are because I have been a magician myself for 20 years.  I am familiar with the common concerns and problems of magicians. For example: most of the magicians have too much magic tricks. I have already helped several magicians with organizing their magic, so they can be more successful. You can read more about my professional coaching skills here. You can find my testimonials here and read more about my professional magic performance here. What other magician say, you can read here. I am an internationally verified coach by the  following institutions:

Magician Coaching Online

Magician Coaching online means that the coaching takes place via the Internet. You sit comfortably in front of your computer and be connected to me as your magician coach via audio and chat (video is not needed). Conveniently from home or from any location. Without long waits for a coaching appointment and no need to travel.

Difference to Coaching in Person

  • The effect of online coaching, has been investigated in several studies. It can have the same impact as the coaching in person.
  • You get a professional coaching while you are sitting at home
  • No charges for travel therefore more affordable
  • Best solution for quick coaching sessions over a longer period

What you need, Coaching Hardware

You need (besides a computer) a computer microphone and speakers. Both are built into almost every notebook. If you already have Skype (free), you are equipped for it. Speakers and microphone are very cheap and you can find them in most electronic supply stores. The use of earphones or a headset can improve sound quality.

Coaching Software

No need to buy software or install anything on your computer. At the given time you will be invited to a Webex coaching session (free, nothing to buy or download). Occasionally I am using TeamViewer when we organize your magic for example.

Ready to take action? Contact me now:

All my coaching services for magicians are purely online. Get coached wherever you are and reach your full potential as a magician. Contact me here, you can expect a reply within 24 hours (MO-FR) and I’d love to hear from you!
  1. Do you offer classes for children interested in learning magic and magic tricks

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