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Group Coaching Becoming Minimalist

Group Coaching

In this three month group coaching you will learn how to use minimalism as a tool to dramatically improve your quality of life. You will get rid of clutter once and for all and simplify your life, so that you have more time and focus for your treasures and really important things. Benefit from growth and exchange through the completely virtual group coaching with weekly live calls, homework and challenges. By sharing your goals with others in the group, you will receive support from your colleagues and reach your goals faster. Not only do you receive support, you also help others with your opinions. Hearing inputs from the other participants gives you a perspective you may not have thought of and makes it easier for you to make rapid progress. This is the virtual minimalism group coaching by the leading minimalist and professional organizer Selim Tolga from Switzerland. Always accompanied by the coach and supported by the group. You will focus three months on one specific area you want to change. After the three months you have dramatically changed it and you have all the tools to change other areas in your life the same way.

Minimalism Group Coaching

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Highly effective minimalism group coaching. If you finally want to decluttere and organize your life properly, instead of just scratching the surface and also like to work in a group, this minimalism group coaching is for you!

  • 100% virtual online group coaching
  • Step by step instructions, homework and challenges
  • 1:1 exchange with the coach and the group participants
  • Depending on the group constellation  external experts may join
  • Weekly Live Call

Group Coaching Scope, Learning Goals

In this three month minimalism group coaching, you will achieve dramatic results, supported by the group. You will go through all the stages that involve declutter your life. You set your own individual focus at the beginning.

  • 3-month program with a weekly group live call
  • Declutter and simplify your whole life in three months
  • From minimalism decluttering to a new meaningful light lifestyle
  • Many tools, tips and tricks to master the new lifestyle in everyday life

Procedure Group Coaching & Price

gruppen coaching minimalismus

The number of participants per group coaching is limited to 10 participants. Sign up for the group coaching program with the button below and you will be put on the waiting list and contacted when the next session takes place.

  • Weekly live call, usually Monday evening, one hour (timezone that works for most)
  • Manageable homework and challenges in the group
  • Three different online tools in use (free)
  • During the week: Group and expert support in the virtual group room
  • 1200 CHF (payment model available)

Minimalism Group Coaching - get in touch and register

Group coaching is a one-time investment in an easy and liberated lifestyle. Professionally supervised by the coach (Selim Tolga, Professional Certified Coach by ICF and Certified Professional Organizer by NAPO) and supported and driven by the group of max. 10 participants.


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