Here you will find the latest packages from Ideally, you go through the first four of them in chronological order. These are standard deals to give you an idea in which way it goes. Check my online Skype and Team-viewer packages. Contact me to get your tailored package:

Declutter Package
90$/h in person 60$/h online help
Decluttering is the very first step towards your new lifestyle minimalism and contains:
  • Telefon interview in advance, discussing your situation and goals
  • Picture analysis of your actual situation, creating an action plan
  • Coaching in person at your place or thru online Skype video consultation
  • Separating your clutter, finding the things you need and love
  • Prepares you for the organizer package which comes next
The declutter package start your minimalism journey and creates the basement for a well-being place.
Organizer Package
90$/h in person 60$/h online help
After the declutter package we organize the things you love and get rid of the rest:
  • Together we find the best order for the things you love and keep
  • Visualize, plan and organize your new well-being place
  • Creating clutter free well organized and individual surroundings
  • Using the best tipps and tricks to keep everything perfectly arranged
  • Help in get rid of your belongings you won't keep (selling, give away)
After the organizer package you are ready to enjoy your new decluttered and organized place.
Monitoring Package
90$/h in person 60$/h online help
Makes sure, that you stay clutter free and don't fall into old habits.
  • Stay clutter free forever using the right system and techniques
  • Ged rid of old habits causing your clutter problem
  • Stay organized and adapt the new system in your routine
  • Unlimited email or Skype chat support in addition if needed
  • Help you in selling unwanted things (mostly thru ebay)
Book this until you feel completely comfortable in your new decluttered and organized place.
Minimalism Package
80$/h in person 70$/h online help
What you book after feeling completely comfortable in your new designed place.
  • Professional coaching to living the minimalist lifestyle
  • Learn how to live with less things and simplify your life
  • Learn how to become more productive and efficient
  • Learn how to use minimalism in your daily routine
  • Unlimited email or Skype chat support in addition if needed
After the minimalism package you are fully ready to live the minimalism lifestyle and use all its benefits.