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Become Minimalist Declutter Counter APP

The "Become Minimalist Declutter Counter" App for IOS and Android is perfect to accomplish the counting task, explained in the bestselling minimalism book:become-minimalist-living-minimalism-decluttering

Get to know how many things you own with the APP "Become Minimalist Declutter Counter"

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Become Minimalist Declutter Counter APP:

Are you looking for more time in your life? A way to never tidy up again? Say goodbye to clutter and become a minimalist. In the minimalist lifestyle you own only the things you really need and love. This counter will help you to easily count your belongings per category. Every time you add an item, the counter goes up by one. At the end you know exactly how many things you own.

APP "Become Minimalist Declutter Counter" Benefits

  • Finally know what you own
  • Find things you though they were lost
  • Get rid of things while you are counting
  • Declutter at the same time
  • Export possibility of your finished list

APP "Become Minimalist Declutter Counter" Functions

  • With your login you can export your list to your email
  • you can share your total amount of things you own, impress others
  • mark categories as "checked"
  • easily add new things over the search field (swipe to left)
  • find easily objects other users have already added

APP "Become Minimalist Declutter Counter" how to count

  • Objects that make only sense in combination are counted as one (computer with keyboard and mouse, car with winter and summer wheels, etc.).
  • Objects you buy usually in stock (paperclips, enveloppes etc.) are counted as one.
  • Count only your belongings and the objects you share and use with others.
  • Expendable objects are not counted (food, cleaning powder etc.).
  • Objects that are leaving automatically are not counted (things you borrowed, bills etc.).
  • Objects that are part of the inventory are not counted (fridge in kitchen etc.)
  • Objects you are need for your health are not counted (special tool after accident etc.)
  • Official documents like tax stuff and contracts you have to keep, are not counted

The Main Benefit Of Counting your Belongings

The main benefit you get from this minimalist lifestyle counting your stuff is that your stuff will be lightweight. Flexible. It allows you to work, travel, and have more options because you don’t have a bunch of stuff taking up mental energy and physical space. Having lots of stuff can be burdensome, mentally, physically, and financially.Having less stuff allows you to do things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

Need some help?

  1. I purchased your app and deleted all categories to add my own After that it no longer works. Can u reset or something? Thanks

    • the new update (coming soon) will no longer have them. the fastest solution for you is, that you create a new user and then do not delete all of them, at least leave one of the example ones (with the new update you will be able to change the name). you can tell me your old username and I will delete from the system if you want. sorry for any inconvenience. best

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